Lee  Zasloff’s  art World


Artworks Shown:

Left:“Eternal Garden Pompeii.” Mixed Media On Canvas original. ©Zasloff 2015.

Top Right: “Morning Dew.” Digitally Created Archival Print on aluminum. ©Zasloff 2015.

Left Bottom: “Vancouver Jellyfish.” Digitally Created Archival Print. ©Zasloff 2014.

Right Bottom:“Red Cheeked Surprise.” Acrylic On Canvas original. ©Zasloff 2010.




Curiosity being a hallmark of how many people go through life, I believe people are continually looking around at faces, objects, shapes, colors - the world. We experience and . . . perhaps we are touched, perhaps we are changed. When we look at artwork, we look through the lens of those life experiences and we decide what we like, what moves us, what reminds us of past experiences.

In my world, I want to express myself by using beautiful and joyful color, whether using  acrylic paint, watercolors, or digital brushwork. After many years as a professional award winning artist, I enjoy working spontaneously and intuitively, realistically or abstractly. Many times, the end result surprises me because I never know what my life experience will bring. There is always, for me, the joy of the creative process, the mark making, the considering, the reconsidering of what’s appearing on my surface or monitor.

Ultimately, there is the additional joy of enhancing my clients’ environments. I remember one client, an interior designer, who had commissioned me to create a large painting for her kitchen/family room area. There is always a nervousness when I deliver a commissioned piece whether the client will be happy with the end result. A couple of weeks later, I was delivering a second artwork that the client had also purchased and noticed that the commissioned piece was no longer hanging in the kitchen/family room. I asked her about it and she said “oh we moved it into our bedroom on the wall opposite our bed so we could enjoy seeing it first thing in the morning.” I had a smile on my face for days!

I work continuously -  trying new ideas, having internal conversations, trusting my instincts. I work intensely focused,  choosing luscious colors that “whisper” to me from the corners of my eyes. And when the Muse visits, I enjoy and I savor.

So - - - I invite you to visit, stay a while, enjoy the whispers, enjoy my artworks.

welcome to the world as seen through my eyes

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